My Interior Decorating Story

While working as a medical office assistant I took online decorating classes. I got my first ‘proper’ job working at Ashley Home Store as the visual merchandiser. Part of the interview process was to make something that you thought represented the company. Leaning on the sewing skills I learned from Hinds Community College, where I majored in Clothing & Textiles. I made a decorative pillow from damaged items waiting to be trashed. I GOT HIRED ON THE SPOT. After 6 months I got a promotion and was over multiple stores in my region. As a member on the design team, I learned so much about different crafts and art techniques and I also gained more experience with power tools and machinery. cross merchandising with homeware product and display, and creating a cohesive and compelling story, based on the company’s guidelines but with my own flair. When I was working on displays, I’d frequently be up a 10′ ladder, balancing with a drill or a glue gun in my hand, and customers would ask if I ever helped people decorate their homes. I’ve been interested in interiors from a very young age, constantly styling my room as a child and teenager. In my early twenties I decorated my aunts home and Anyone who visited asked the number of her decorator. It made me extremely proud!

So when those customers asked me if I wanted to help decorate their homes, the old idea ignited again and I realised that yes, I could probably do that. I ended up leaving Ashley I went on to decorate a few rooms in the home of a lovely lady who I’d met through my job. I also decorated a sanctuary/chill out room in a local event planning studio, my first commercial project. Special Thanks to Glitz Events and Creations I definitely believe she could’ve executed the project herself but trusted me instead.

I struggled with how to charge clients and definitely under-paid myself massively, but I learned a lot and moving forward always tried to value what I did. You live, you learn.

My Decor goal for 2021 is to Photograph everything.

Stay Tuned...

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