Protecting The Kinks!

For the past few months, I’ve been protective styling with knotless braids. It’s very important for us to understand that curly hair needs nourishment while in any protective style. After two weeks, your scalp will be begging for much needed tender love and care, and that starts with the products you use and how you apply them.

I spray my edges and braids with water every so often. I feel that this aids in moisturizing my hair. I also seal my hair with Edge Naturale Cream. I rub/massage the cream into my scalp. This helps the hair to retain moisture from the water, while increasing circulation to my scalp. Constructed of natural oils, peppermint and coconut milk. This formula cools and soothes your scalp while stimulating follicles for incredibly fast re-growth! The tingling sensation feels amazing, You can actually feel It working on your scalp. I’m on my second container and I love it. Under my braids I have a TWA and my hair has definitely grown. The texture is light and fluffy and the smell is very refreshing.

  • 2oz.
  • 4oz.
  • Cruelty Free
  • USA Made and Tested

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