Moving To A Different State

Moving away from family and friends is hard, but quite often it’s the necessary first step to your independent life.

 For as long as I can remember my family, friends and I always took a road trip to Louisiana. The booming diversity of residents here is amazing, everyone is so carefree and loving. This made moving to Louisiana extremely easy. New Orleans is a Louisiana city on the Mississippi river, near the Gulf of Mexico. New Orleans is also known as the “Big Easy”, popular for its twenty-four-hour nightlife. When visiting you really don’t feel like you’re in America, Nola is like a world of its own. My favorite thing about the state is its food. There are several high-end restaurants winning global awards, I have yet to find my favorite.

 My number one and most obvious place to go in New Orleans is The French Quarter. Its filled with live music on the streets, kids tap dancing and a ton of people doing tricks for tips. The bars are always open, and several boutiques to celebrate in style. I like to go a little further than the French Quarter, I like to get lost in the streets to view and take pictures of all the beautiful colorful houses.

Cost of living is New Orleans is more expensive, moving to the outskirts was the best decision for my spouse and I. Living in Baton Rouge is the best of both worlds it’s the capital of Louisiana so its slightly bigger than most towns but has that small-town feeling. It ranks number 69 on 2019 top best places to live. The dollar stretches here, as a young professional I must make every dollar count. Home of Louisiana State University, LSU has the most loyal fans around. Whether you’re an LSU fan or not, visitors from around the world enjoy Louisiana State University’s tailgating traditions. Baton Rouge is the tailgating capital of the world.

 Living here never gets old because there is always a new place to try or a cool event to attend. There are so many opportunities to get involved, grow, learn or just have fun. The university helps to bring a wide variety of people and different ideas to Baton Rouge. There are so many beautiful parks to explore, and traffic isn’t bad average commute time is about twenty minutes. The locals are extremely nice and as soon as I start talking, they know I’m not from the city. My country accent that I once hated has been quite the charm now I love it.

 Working in Louisiana is rewarding coming from Mississippi the pay rate is much higher and the opportunities are endless. I hear time and time again aren’t you tired of working in retail? With fifteen years of retail experience it can’t escape me. I love it, even with the long hours, having to be on my feet all day. It somehow brings me joy; I get to meet so many different people daily. Real people real communication. Starting a new job is stressful enough and moving to a new city on top of it is very overwhelming. I had to adjust to a new set of coworkers, luckily for me they were very quick to welcome me in like family. One of the things I strive for is to be a good friend. I experienced that bittersweet blessing of moving away from so many great and reestablished friendships. I am honored and excited at the thought of visiting them again. When you move, you get to live like a tourist. It’s amazing how people take for granted their own hometowns, me included. It took me relocating to really see the beauty and culture of my hometown. I will represent where I’m from until the day I die no matter what part of the world I choose to live.

My advice to anyone looking to move out of state is just go for it. Even though I’m not far from my hometown, it’s something different. Moving to a new city and being surrounded by people who don’t know you, is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself. If you are ever invited to try new things go for it. I moved with little to no money, but I managed to land a job before moving, I lived paycheck to paycheck for a couple months. If I could do it over, I would definitely save at least 3-6 months of living expenses. Moving is hard and moving to a new state with no money is even harder. In a perfect world we all want to be one hundred percent prepared, but it doesn’t always work that way. Keep in mind that your situation is unique to you.

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  1. I loooooooveeee this and I definitely felt this!! We got this #MississippiraisedLouisianapaid


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