Purpose & Dreams

Live life as though no one is watching, and express yourself as though everyone is listening.

Nelson Mandela

Such exciting news to share with you guys this week…
New publication!

I was up late watching television and I decided to check my email. I receive a notification saying submission accepted. I instantly started to doubt it, But guys it was legit! I could not sleep at all, I wanted to call all my friends but of course it was way to late. The level of excitement was through the roof. I recently had a photo shoot with a creative in my hometown by the name of William Robinson. Will and I have worked together before, So I was anticipating round two.

Even though this is a small victory for me It felt grand.

When we start to accomplish the things we want we often forget about what it took to get us there. Staying up late planning and researching. Worrying about making the right decision without having a dime in your pocket. In fear of no one understanding the season you’re In. Having a consistent feeling of self doubt. My advice to anyone no matter what your dreams are is to keep dreaming. Even if you feel like there’s no progression, understand this there are a ton of people willing to settle and give up. Beat the odds and keep going stop comparing your success based on someone else’s, move at your own pace.

Robinson Photography

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